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Inspired® is a new brand, but our team has been working in the Interior Design sector for a long time.

Under Glancing EYE Co., a business group that promotes 3D Interior Design, Virtual Reality, Infoarchitecture and 3D Modelling projects around the world, Inspired® flourishes to be closer to you. 

Our Interior Design Division wants to shine with its own light after demonstrating that a quality service can be offered, at a good price and completely online. Now, in this new adventure, they have the support of our 3D Design experts to show their proposals through ultra-detailed photorealistic resources. 

«Punctual, very professional and exceptional treatment. I recommend them 100% »
Nancy Salerno

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«They immediately contacted me and were interested to offer a good budget»
Nuria Berloti


«I hired their services, and I’m very happy, for the attention and the quality of their work»
Alanda Fruits

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Our offer of projects tries to adapt to all kinds of needs. Also to different degrees of inspiration. You can give us some general indications about your tastes and functional requirements or you can work side by side with our team supervising all the details of the composition and the selection of furniture.

The prices do not include VAT. Prices per space. For more information about our rates, contact us and explain more about your project
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